About Trust Science®



We're a team of successful entrepreneurs, scientists, programmers and business people.

We hold multiple patents in the trust technology space in numerous countries. 


Evan Chrapko - CPA, CITP, JD
Founder, Chairman & CEO


Evan started Trust Science® with his brother Shane and several other team members. Prior to Trust Science®, Evan and Shane built one of the world's first SaaS companies, which sold for over $568 million US thirty months after starting. 

Evan has been named a Real Leaders magazine Global 100 member (alongside Gates, Branson, Musk, Skoll, Sandberg, Diamandis et al)


Shane Chrapko - BSc., P.Ag
Cofounder & Chief Revenue Officer


Shane is a charismatic leader and dynamic sales personality. He's been alongside Evan and Trust Science® from the start. 



Evan Chrapko and his brother Shane orchestrated the $811 Million CAD exit of DocSpace, as two of its co-founders.  Evan was the CEO & Board Chair while Shane led all Sales & Business Development.  They built the company while living in a low-income housing project, which also burst at the seams with all the staff—it doubled as the company HQ.

Their tech involvement extends to other startups and turnarounds. Past projects they have financed include FloNetworks (acquired by DoubleClick for $80 Million) and PlateSpin (acquired by Novell for $205 Million). More recently they invested and took the reins as C-level executives of Metacom, successfully pulling it out of insolvency, raising VC funding and taking the company public through the reverse takeover of an older, bigger software company.

The Chrapkos' business experience is not limited to information technology. They are also involved in running a certified organic hemp farm and the world's Northernmost, international-award winning, certified organic winery & meadery.

Evan is a CPA and also holds an Ivy League law degree and Shane is a B.Sc. with a P.Ag. professional designation. Both Chrapkos are involved in Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). Evan is a past executive of the Alberta Chapter and was the recipient of the peer chosen Laing Memorial Award.

Evan was an eight year board member and is currently on the Council of Advisors of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. The organization funds cutting edge work on questions of significance to mankind and is affiliated with numerous Nobel Laureates. 

The Institute of CPAs of Alberta named Evan one of its Early Achiever award recipients. Columbia School of Law granted Evan his law degree in a special, solo ceremony in front of its Board of Visitors. 

Shane was named an Early Achiever award recipient by the University of Alberta. Both Shane and Evan were honored to receive the Silicon Valley-based Leafie Award for significant contributions to the info-tech sector (alongside Jeff Skoll of eBay and James Gosling, inventor of JAVA). 

Evan is a listed inventor of several software patents in different countries and is a Lifetime member of MENSA.  He is also proud to be an alumnus of CWY-Indonesia, a cultural exchange program which involved taking a year off during university and living in a jungle village on the island of Sumatra.

Evan is also a Henry Crown Fellow. The Henry Crown Fellowship Program, established in 1997, seeks to develop the next generation of community-spirited leaders, providing them with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of business and civic leadership in the 21st century.

Chris Matichuk.jpeg

Chris Matichuk - MBA, BSc Comp. Sci.
Chief Technology Officer


Chris is the lead inventor or co-inventor of 9 different U.S. patents, with more on the way.



Chris, Evan and Shane successfully worked together building a precursor to Expedia®, with the sponsorship of GE, to meet the needs of booking global travel by GE’s top-most executives within corporate rules and guidelines.  Since then, Chris has remained on the leading edge of the technology landscape in Silicon Valley and Redmond, always innovating platforms that meet needs of end-users in the real world.

He helped pioneer the DVR/PVR space in the early days of Set Top Boxes and networking, culminating in SonicBlue/Rio.  Chris had a role that spanned conceptualizing products and taking them all the way to retail (Best Buy.)  He also defined and launched new products in PCTV and Surveillance Video Capture for LSI Logic.

One of Chris’s best-known outcomes is the platform everybody knows and loves as Netflix®.  Reporting directly to the CTO/Co-Founder, Chris led the incubation and product roadmap for today’s online service, long before many people on Earth even conceived that such a category would be possible.  Recall that, at the time, Netflix’s only business was mailing discs and tapes via snail mail!

More next-generation, customer-facing platform achievements were conquered by Chris at Microsoft over an illustrious 10-year span.  Chris’s breadth and depth spanned box hardware and OS compatibility, end-user facing applications (Enterprise & Internet) including SQL & Azure, and even 3rd party device compatibility.  This work not only involved “Big Big” Data and accompanying infrastructure, it also entailed meeting business requirements and managing external stakeholders around the world.

In Chris’s most-recent role before Trust Science, Chris led between 24 & sometimes upwards of 50 highly technical engineers, computational linguists, data scientists, and language experts.  The teams added speech (ASR + NLP) to several existing verticals and never-seen-before scenarios:  automotive (Toyota Global 2017 vehicles), mobile (Samsung S8 Bixby), Set Top Boxes (TiVo), IoT (Delta) and Conversational A.I./Chatbot (Best Buy customer support.)

At Trust Science, Chris has full responsibility for yet another category-creator, namely “Trust” and measuring Trustworthiness.  Here, the mission is to deliver actionable intelligence about people from public, UNstructured data harvested in the wild.  This is an A.I. and ML-intensive exercise.  It is unlocking opportunities and resources (money) for otherwise-underbanked or marginalized people.  As a platform, Trust Science will later bring its insights forward into sectors other than lending:  e-commerce/sharing economy, dating, Homeland Security/counter-terrorism & law enforcement, hiring & staffing, and Sales & Marketing enhancement.

Christopher Grnak.jpg

Chris Grnak - BA, CPA, CA, CFP
EVP Financial Services


Chris is an experienced Senior Finance, Operations, M&A & Risk Management Executive with extensive international experience in the Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing sectors (Public and Private Equity). He is a CPA who has succeeded at creating enterprise value in various corporate, business & strategic development roles as a CFO, COO, and Chief Auditor with international spans of control.


His specialties include Corporate/Business Development, M&A (deal and integration), Strategic & Financial Planning and Analysis, Innovation, Product Development, Profitability Enhancement (Revenue and Cost) , Treasury, Multi-business/location Management, Vendor Negotiation & Management, Project Management, Call Center Management, Controller-ship, Consulting, Risk Management and Audit.

Chris spent the last 7 years with Dollar Financial Group (Consumer Finance) in various Senior Financial and Operating Executive roles reporting to the CEO/CFO of North America. Leading a team of professionals, he successfully completed 6 acquisitions, launched multiple products including an Installment Lending product ($300 MM), completed profit/cash flow enhancing initiatives, and led Strategy Development, Project Management and F P&A Teams, supporting 900 financial branches and support centres across North America.

Previously, Chris was a Boarded Executive Officer at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for 15 years where he obtained International experience in Wealth Management, Retail Banking, and Risk Management, leading large teams.

Chris and Evan met when both of them worked together in one of the world's then-biggest accounting/advisory firms, in Toronto, alongside one of Trust Science's other early investors, Joe Quarin.

Chris and Sue, and their two children (and their dog Charlie) can be found somewhere between hockey arenas, golf courses, or the family cottage.


Key Advisors

David Ebersman

David is the former CFO of Facebook® (2009 - 2014), where he led the company through its very successful IPO.  Prior to his time at Facebook®, David was the CFO of Genentech until Roche acquired control for nearly $50 Billion.  He now runs Lyra Health as Cofounder, CEO and board member.  Along with Trust Science® and Lyra Health™, David is also on the Boards of Directors for Survey Monkey® (Chairman) and Castlight.  He is a Henry Crown Fellow, a part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.



Ashif Mawji

Ashif is an Honorary Colonel in the Canadian Army and has received the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals. He is the former President and CEO of Upside Software (acquired by SciQuest™) and a key advisor to Trust Science® as a co-founder and past co-CEO. Ashif was recently granted a Bachelor of Bus.Admin. Hon. from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Ashif is the Chapter Chair of the Alberta chapter of YPO and is also a Henry Crown Fellow.  He is also the Chair of the Edmonton Police Foundation. In addition, he is a voting member of the Royal Canadian Artillery Senate. Ashif also serves on several other private and not for profit boards.