Holiday Inflation – Food, Gifts, and Vacations Costing 13% More in 2022

Holiday Inflation: Costs Up 13% in 2022 - Trust Science

With the winter holiday season coming quickly, Americans and Canadians alike are beginning to lose sleep as they think about how they might pay for the most expensive time of the year. The holiday season comes with many expenses; gifts, family dinners, and vacations. But, many of these industries are leading inflationary trends amongst most […]

Lending Trends of the Past, Not the Future

Lending Trends

The start of this decade has been one of the most financially erratic times in recent history; what some would call shocking. From stock prices to interest rates and extreme volatility, no one could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in today. These extraordinary market conditions have predictably caused behavioral changes in common consumers, […]

Breaking the Silos: Connecting Underwriting and Marketing

Silos Break: Underwriting-Marketing Integration - Trust Science

Marketing professionals in any industry are inundated with segmentation variables and reports that enable them to develop optimized campaigns to drive results. Segmentation is critical for marketers to identify the leads that have the highest propensity to buy and craft offers that are targeted at each segment. However, conventional metrics available in most segmentation providers […]

US Auto Case Study

Read how Trust Science® helped a large BHPH auto dealer approve more borrowers and keep defaults steady in the midst of an uncertain COVID-19 credit market.

How to Leverage Economic Volatility

Leverage Economic Volatility

The COVID-19 pandemic might be coming to an end, but the economic volatility and ongoing instability it created is just beginning. For the first time in decades, the American and Canadian economies have seen soaring inflation and record-setting central interest rate hikes. Since March 2022, the US Federal Reserve interest rate has climbed 225 basis […]

Top Tips for Data Security

Top Tips for Data Security - Trust Science

The success of companies in the 21st-century depends on the ability to mitigate data breaches, proactively tend to privacy risks, and manage both compliance and cybersecurity fundamentals that secure customer data. Companies that offer financial services handle large amounts of highly sensitive financial and personal information, making them more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The push for […]

How Auto Lenders Can Make Effective Underwriting Decisions

How Auto Lenders Can Make Effective Underwriting Decisions

John M. Giamalvo, the head of Subprime Automotive at Trust Science®, compared the pandemic with a “positive perfect storm” for Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH) dealers in the February issue of the BHPH Dealer. The influx of over 10 million immigrants in the last ten years has widened the horizons of auto-lenders. Owing to the pandemic, the usage […]