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October 28-30, 2019


Reduce Risk With Credit Bureau 2.0™

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Public data mining with analysis powered by artificial intelligence & machine learning.

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Lightning fast and reliable SIX°SCORE™ to inform trustworthiness and social accountability

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Augment traditional credit scores  with Credit Bureau 2.0™ and open the door to an expanded subprime market.


Turn Unstructured Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Approximately 64 million US consumers have limited or no credit history. While these people may be invisible to traditional credit reporting bureaus, vast amounts of data exist about them through alternative sources including digital and mobile.


Growing Value

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Increase Loan Originations

Identify more creditworthy thin and no-file credit customers

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Decrease Risk Of Defaults

Better insights into thin and no-file borrowers minimizes risk of defaults

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Improve Lending Profitability

Monitor borrowers through their loan life cycle including collections