Automated Loan Underwriting: Trust Science Scoring Explained

Want better predictions on bad loans, higher originations, and accelerated lending cycles to impact your bottom line? Automated loan underwriting can help you achieve these goals. In this post, I’ll walk you through our Trust Science credit scoring mechanism using a sample customer loan performance with anonymized test data. The example will not only demonstrate […]

Trust Science: Why Do We Talk About Patents?

Technology companies around the world are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at a breakneck speed. From health to telecommunications and transportation to finance, both technologies are becoming table stakes in a data-driven world. Unsurprisingly, AI is also the fastest growing section of patent requests in the world, with universities and tech […]

In House vs. Out of the Box AI Powered Underwriting Models: Why Trust Science?

Over the last 2 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly moved beyond the walls of education and into the hands of the average business. Startups are popping up left, right and centre claiming to apply AI to every problem possible, and the question of “should we buy or build” has never been more relevant. As […]

Everything wrong with traditional credit scoring in 3 headlines

“Want a perfect credit score? Get more credit cards” “These 3 surprising hacks can seriously boost your credit score” “Breaking down credit scores and tips for how to improve them” Noticing a trend here? Are these headlines not insane? In order to improve their credit scores, consumers are being encouraged to get more credit cards and jump […]

How Alternative Data Increases Accuracy in Credit Assessment

An estimated 45 million1 Americans are either “credit invisible”, or “unscorable”. These individuals have credit score that would generally be perceived as subprime and thus, considered by traditional lenders to be less desirable candidates for new credit. And while lenders need to pay careful attention to mitigating the risk of delinquency, the fact remains that there […]

Rethinking Trust: The Next Generation of Credit Scoring

Humans are biologically programmed to develop a sense of who is trustworthy. But in a rapidly evolving digital economy, what role does trust play? Trust is, and always has been, at the core of the economy. We recognize factors like ability, benevolence, reputation, credibility and integrity as natural components of trustworthiness. However, in commerce, and […]