Dispute Contents of Your Trust Science® Consumer Report

If you have received a copy of your Trust Science® consumer report and identity information that is missing or incomplete, we will investigate.

Our goal is to have the most complete and accurate information as part of our consumer report process. Where inaccurate information is found, it may be removed or corrected. If changes are confirmed during the investigation, an updated consumer report will be provided to your lender. As well, a new copy of your consumer disclosure report will be provided to you.

Please provide specifics of what information you feel is missing or incorrect in the space provided.

This request will be processed within 20 business days and we will contact you with the results of our investigation.

To ensure the confidentiality and ensure that the correct information is released, please complete this form. The "My Consumer Report ID" was a reference number that you received when you obtained a copy of your report. This ensures that the correct file is being investigated.

To dispute the contents of your Trust Science® consumer report, please complete the form below, including information regarding the details that you would like to dispute.

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