Dr. Joseph Barr

Dr. Barr (“Joe”) is a mathematician and data scientist. He helps enterprises develop their machine learning and econometrics core competencies. His past roles include Chief Analytics Officer at Home Union ( where he led a team of data scientists to develop price/rent valuation (AVM) models, a real-time pricing product “The Right Bid”, neighborhood investment risk score “NIR”, a risk-adjusted ROI “RealEstimate”, and a unique home price index “HU HPI”. Prior to that Joe was the Chief Data Scientist at ID Analytics (acquired by Lifelock, which was then acquired by Symantec after a successful IPO). Dr. Barr had responsibilities for developing ID Analytics’ identity score (ID Score), fraud rating (IM Score), and also subprime consumer credit risk scores (Credit Optics). Joe also served as CTO at Chi Analytics where he developed products for the collection and pay day loan industry.

Joe’s experience in the financial services sector spans more than two decades, including senior roles at ABN-AMRO/LaSalle Banks of Chicago, Citigoup, Wells Fargo, Fanny Mae and First American

Joe holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of New Mexico where he completed his thesis on heuristics in discrete optimization. A selection of recent papers are available here.

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