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Advice is available. Navigate this challenging economic climate with advice from our in-house expert, Chris Grnak, EVP Financial Services

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EVP Financial Services

Chris is a former lender and veteran in the prime and subprime lending space. He can provide you with some ideas on how to navigate through this, how to use technology or even be a sounding board on some of your business decisions in the rapidly changing environment for which we have no historical reference.

Chat with Chris, an executive with a 30 year multi-functional career that includes:

  • International responsibility within a trillion dollar bank.
  • M&A, Product Innovation, Finance and Operations Executive.
  • Senior North American Exec for a PE backed international consumer finance company.
  • Senior Manager in Big 5 global advisory firm.
Business and individuals are already feeling financial shortfalls. Lenders like you are going to need to make decisions about a growing number of individuals within the context of a volatile and uncertain market. We’ve got your back.

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Infographic: Alternative Data Credit Scoring Sources

Discover the broad range of data sources behind a custom credit score.

Infographic: Alternative Data Credit Scoring Sources

Custom models, automated decisioning and access to Trust Science proprietary data.

Impactful Results to Your Underwriting

Increase Loan Originations

Identify more creditworthy thin and no-file credit customers.

Decrease Risk Of

Better insights into thin and no-file borrowers minimizes risk of defaults.

Improve Lending Profitability

Decrease operating expenses via Straight-Through Processing.


Bryan Smith

VP Sales & Marketing,

“Simple and powerful results for a more complete risk assessment of the individual.”

Mark Eleoff

CEO, Eden Park Inc.

“Trust Science has proven themselves to be innovative, value-added, and very customer-centric in working with us to improve our credit decisions.”