Financial Literacy

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Dynamic Credit Scoring

Powered by our patented machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, the Trust Science credit scoring algorithms combine traditional and alternative data with consent-based mobile and our proprietary data to deliver in-depth and dynamic credit scoring machine learning models and scores. Trust Science:

Trust Science® uses patented algorithms to analyze publicly available digital information. We collect loan data from court data, web searches, transactions and more. Using sophisticated machine learning models and algorithms, we process this data to then determine the creditworthiness of individuals, businesses and organizations.


50+ patents have been officially legally granted to date to Trust Science®

Trust Science® has developed a large, international armada of “litigation battle-proven” (in the U.S.) patents related to predicting human behavior and also related to next-generation identity and personal/consumer data protection. This includes–but is not limited to–harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to find/source & leverage publicly available and “target-consented” mobile and other data.


Another 30+ more Patents are Pending around the world

A sample of use cases of this technology includes–but is not limited to–scoring trustworthiness (e.g. for highly predictive, legally-Compliant & socially ethical credit scoring and for loan or insurance portfolio valuation and for marketing & sales-acceleration purposes, etc.)


To date, our patent portfolio covers:

We continue to expand our capabilities in the applications of AI, machine learning, big data, and cognitive computing as they relate to context-aware social index scoring and trustworthiness, with additional patents pending.