Create a New Revenue Stream From Your Data

Most businesses actually have data we would be interested in but don’t yet realize that their data assets can become a recurring revenue stream.

We are always seeking new and unique data sources to give signalling information on how everyday human behaviours, likes, interests and interactions can help predict trustworthiness.

What Is In A Data Asset?

The data you collect as a byproduct of your core business could contain signalling power — that information edge that lets us find powerful ways to help deserving people get the credit opportunities they need.

We Work With Many Data Providers

You might be surprised at the variety of data products we are interested in. Contact us today to tell us about your business to explore opportunities. Our data science team will work with you to analyze and structure your data to surface its unique insights.

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Aren’t Sure If You Have The Right Infrastructure?

Don’t worry. We can even help provide you with the technical infrastructure to store, anlyze and deliver your data at the high standards that are needed to make your operation maximally efficient.

Delivering your data isn’t as simple as transferring files via FTP. We make data available via APIs that drive the modern web. Our infrastructure, data science and distribution channels have everything you need to turn your data into an asset and generate bottom line revenue today.