Sift prime borrowers from subprime applicants

Harness AI, mobile consented data & our patented Social Graph to score borrowers and find new applicants.

Welcome to Credit Bureau 2.0™


Industry-leading innovation doesn’t go unnoticed

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Just a few of our customers benefiting from A.I. Powered Alternative Scoring with Credit Bureau 2.0™

Intelligently Gathering Unstructured Data For A Complete View Of Your Target.


Intelligent Search

We compliantly gather information from existing data warehouses, then marry it with publicly volunteered data found through our intelligent search.


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A.I. Analysis

Once added to existing records, we apply our patented artificial intelligence to analyze and organize this massive set of data, giving us a complete view of your target.

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Trust Score

The result is the Six°Score™, an easily digestible rating built off a human's actions, history, and social graph.


Cashco Endorses Trust Science® Partnership

Tim Latimer - Article Cover.png
For over a year we have worked hand in hand with Trust Science® to assist with developing our new Algorithm-Based decisioning model and loan underwriting tool. At no time have they failed to deliver… Preliminary review of the data have shown that through the use of their new model there will be room for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN UPLIFT…
— Tim Latimer

Trust Science® and Cashco Financial are changing the way that lending decisions are made with Credit Bureau 2.0. Read Tim’s full endorsement and learn more about partnering with Trust Science® in your business.


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