Leverage xAI and Alt. Data to Boost Your Lending, Find Invisible Primes™ and Gain Up to 200x ROI.
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For Lenders

  1. Stop missing and dismissing the 20% of Americans (~$141B+ market value) that are Hidden Primes™.
  2. Turbocharge your LOS/LMS with dynamic scoring across the entire borrower lifecycle.
  3. Streamline your marketing by identifying and prequalifying high value targets with operationalized Six°Scores™.
  4. Optimize your loan portfolio and reduce risk with an explainable AI/ML platform backed by a team of PhD-level data scientists and subprime specialists.
  5. Leverage Virtual Loans Officer capabilities to make completely automated, faster, better credit decisions tailored to your business rules and strategy.
  6. Arm yourself with better value calculations during securitization negotiations.
  7. Harness more data and open banking benefits to stop missing thin-file applicants with our D2C Smart Consent™ mobile interface.
  8. Lend more confidently to more applicants with our consortium database of subprime borrowers .
  9. Fully compliant with all relevant consumer privacy and protection regulations.

Our Team (Including Many Joining Us Virtually) Is Committed to Helping You Maximize Your Credit Decisions

Our Founder and CEO, Evan Chrapko, Presented at the Exclusive Cb Insights Future of Fintech Event

Sifting Primes From a Subprime Pool
Traditional Credit Score vs Six°Score™ Enhanced Performance Scores

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Credit ratings agencies haven’t changed much in over a century, but tech entrepreneur Evan Chrapko says he has a better digital-age idea.

Ensuring That Deserving People Get What They Deserve | Tech Innovators' Top 50 AI CEOs of 2021

Evan Chrapko, Founder and CEO of Trust Science®, was selected to the Technology Innovators' Top 50 AI CEOs of 2021 for his work with Trust Science and Credit Bureau 2.0®

Trust Science's flagship SaaS solutions are using xAI to find Invisible Prime™ borrowers and help lenders make better credit decisions to deserving people.

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