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  1. 20-200x ROI based on real-world customer usage and projections.
  2. Score borrowers across their entire life cycle, embedded into your LOS/LMS.
  3. Gain lead sifting/marketing value, underwriting PD, and servicing strategies to operationalize your scores.
  4. Virtual Loans Officer: 
    1. Answer risk-based questions in real-time 
    2. Apply Strategy & Business rules for underwriting.
  5. Safely lend "deeper" than the bigger, older bureaus.
  6. Arm yourself with better value calculations during securitization negotiations.
  7. Fully Compliant with all consumer protection and privacy laws + regulations.
  8. Optional direct-to-consumer interface for data gathering / Open Banking benefits (Smart Consent™).
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Trust Science in Globe and Mail

A score to settle: Edmonton software ace looks to upend one of the world’s most entrenched industries

This article was featured in the Globe and Mail Report on Business magazine, a reputable Canadian publication similar to the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal.

Credit ratings agencies haven’t changed much in over a century, but tech entrepreneur Evan Chrapko says he has a better digital-age idea

Death, taxes and a bad experience with your credit rating: For millions of people in North America, these are the only certainties in life. As U.S. TV journalist Chris Wallace said during a 1991 feature on credit scores for ABC’s Primetime, “You don’t have to spend long preparing a broadcast about credit agencies before you learn one simple truth: Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a horror story.”