Trust Science™ Lending Solutions


Are you making the best decisions?

The US Sub-prime Lending Market is over $200 Billion/year

Factors that play into the trustworthiness of a lending client often go beyond what can be seen from a credit score.

  • How connected they are to your business and the people in it?
  • How tied they are to their community within the geography of the loan location?
  • How active they are on social media and the sentiment associated with their online behaviour?

These all should influence the decision whether or not to approve a loan to an individual.


More Loans

Prospective borrowers may not have the necessary credit rating to warrant a loan decision. With SIX°SCORE™, you can identify high potential, trustworthy prospects who you might not otherwise lend to.

Better Clients

Trustworthiness is not fully accounted for in credit scores. SIX°SCORE™ identifies risk in candidates that might meet other credit criteria, but who may have other red flag indicators.

Early Warning

Running SIX°SCORE™ reports on existing loan customers is like an early warning system. New data regarding individuals can help identify potential risk of default before it happens, giving you time to act.

Skip Tracing

A.I. and Machine learning are used to analyze publicly available information and find the details that make Skip Tracing easier. Save time and money by using Trust Science™ lending solutions for recovery.