Increase Lift & Reduce Risk With Our Alternative Credit Score

Our patented A.I. allows lenders to reliably find, score, and lend to 64 million unbanked and under-banked consumers in the United States alone.



Billion USD of subprime lending, per year in the USA alone


Million consumers are "credit invisible" in the USA alone. Billions worldwide.

Infinite cloud based mineable data


Tim Latimer, President and CEO of Cashco Financial, has endorsed Trust Science® for the work done improving Cashco’s decisioning model and loan underwriting tool.


Reduce Risk With Credit Bureau 2.0™

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Public data mining with analysis powered by artificial intelligence & machine learning.

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Lightning fast and reliable SIX°SCORE™ to inform trustworthiness and social accountability

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Augment traditional credit scores  with Credit Bureau 2.0™ and open the door to an expanded subprime market.

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Turn Unstructured Data Into Actionable Intelligence

While underserved & and unbanked people (e.g. Millennials, immigrants, self-employed/Gig workers, etc.) may be "Credit Invisible" or have low conventional scores in the eyes of traditional credit bureaus, vast amounts of data exist about them through alternative, permissioned sources including digital and mobile.


Growing Value

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Increase Loan Originations

Identify more creditworthy thin and no-file credit customers

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Decrease Risk Of Defaults

Better insights into thin and no-file borrowers minimizes risk of defaults

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Improve Lending Profitability

Decrease operating expenses via Straight-Through Processing


Rapid Insight With An A.I. Driven Interface


Social Graph & Social Distance

Review the value of significant relationships in an at-a-glance social graph or based on geography. Quickly assess the trustworthiness and geo-location of a person’s network


  • Skip tracing and recovery capabilities

  • Turbocharge marketing efforts


Applicant Search

Rapidly search for a person without “googling”. Through web sources and social networks, we have over 1.4 billion human records. Our A.I. uses this data to create a comprehensive profile of your candidate.


Red Flags (KYC & AML)

Our technology uses patented algorithms to mine public data. Negative issues are marked as red flags. Source data is provided to explore each flag further.


Comprehensive Public Sources

We compile our Credit Bureau 2.0 from a wide array of public sources, web search, and court records. Spot red flags and positive indicators for each source at a glance or dig deeper with provided context.


Historical Data

View a detailed history of each identity to view major events. Quickly find changes of residence, employment developments, court records and web sources.