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Trust Science in a nutshell

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Transforming the Credit Industry

The Trust Science Difference

STOP missing and dismissing Invisible Prime™ borrowers and boost your lending with:

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Highly Predictive Scores

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Dynamic Scores

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Immediate AI Explainability

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Data-driven Underwriting

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Promoting Financial Inclusivity by Helping Underserved Consumers






New to Country


Underbanked 1


Low Income




Resulting in thin-file, inaccurate credit scores

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Utilize the full functionality of Trust Science's FCRA-compliant platform

Augment your loan process with our fully interactable system

Data and Analytics

AI & inclusive data for custom insights


AI informed decisions with our D2C mobile app


Holistic Performance Management

Optimize Your Marketing

Buy and nurture leads sources with our propensity models utilizing automated sourcing, pre-screening and pre-qualification


Align marketing and underwriting to streamline operations


Increase originations and lower write-offs


With targeted, pre-qualified offers

  • Verification of Income & Employment (VOIE)
  • Instant Bank Verification (IBV)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Direct-to-consumer mobile interface for consented data

Client Impacts

20-200X ROI

Clients have seen double-digit ROI with Trust Science through increased originations, decreased charge-offs, and streamlined processes.



K-S Lift

VS. Major bureau performance data


Less Charge-Offs

Statistically reducing defaults


More Loans

Increase quality originations

Our Product Portfolio

"Allow deserving people to get what they deserve"



Our flagship underwriting score powered by artificial intelligence. Our machine learning models use traditional data, alternative data, and Trust Science® proprietary data.

Pre-Screening & Direct Marketing

Prescreen & Direct Marketing

Our prescreening and direct marketing services align your underwriting criteria and marketing criteria ensuring the highest response and approval rates for your marketing campaigns. 

Banking by Trust Science™

 Banking by Trust Science™

With Banking by Trust Science®, you can verify applicant banking information and income sources, providing cash flow insights and reducing the risk of default. 

Know Your Customer & Fraud Prevention



Our top-of-the-funnel KYC tool validates an applicant identity by examining identity attributes and checking them against authoritative sources.



Our fraud prevention tool that further analyzes identity attributes checking for activity, history and association and identifies the risk of various types of fraud. 



Our all-in-one solution for KYC and fraud that uses an applicants mobile phone to verify identity and prevent fraud.



Our pre-filled solution verifies attributes from SmartProtect™ and prefills the loan application reducing applicant friction and overall risk of fraud. 

Risk Analytic Services

Risk Analytic Services

Receive maximum value and benefit from your solutions with Trust Science® by receive our RAS services including performance monitoring, model redevelopment and more!

Decision Management by Anna™


Decision Management by Anna

Our no-code user interface allows you to make changes to your underwriting process including products, rules, and score cutoffs. This allows strategy testing and the ability to rapidly deploy workflow changes to production. 

See How Our Products Work Together!

Featured Press


TD Bank Group's Global Head of Innovation Joins CEO's Advisory Board 

Trust Science® is proud to announce that distinguished global banking and FinTech leader Imran Khan, P. Eng., MBA, has agreed to join the CEO's volunteer Advisory Board.


Real Leaders Top 200 Global Impact Award Winner 

Trust Science® is honored to be recognized by Real Leaders among an exclusive list of global companies alongside household names, like Microsoft and Tesla, that are ESG-forward and leading their respective industries.


Globe and Mail Report on Business | A Score to Settle

In this article, The Globe and Mail, a highly reputable Canadian business publication similar to the WSJ or Washington Post, praises Credit Bureau 2.0® for disrupting the out-of-touch, multi-billion dollar international dinosaurs of the credit industry.


Emerging Technologies: How Intelligent Applications Are Using Alternative Data and Algorithms

In this research note, Trust Science® is featured in "Case in Point 1: Trust Science - Credit Scoring" as an innovative company with seeking to disrupt traditional business processes. 

Some of our Clients:

*** The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions regulates all banking in accordance with the Bank Act. It is a highly conservative regime by global standards, contributing to the extremely favorable reputation of the country's banking system worldwide. Only 35 domestic institutions meet the criteria and qualifications to enjoy a Schedule 1 charter under the Bank Act. These Trust Science® customers are one of those elite Schedule 1 banks.

What Our Customers Say

"Working with Trust Science, we have been able to support and enhance our legacy workflow, knockout rules, and business/strategy stipulations with high ROI"

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Steve Malone, President
AutoCapital Canada

"I can't say enough about this company's innovation, professionalism and speed of execution. They are disrupting the credit scoring and loan decisioning industry and it's about time."

Read the Full Letter

Jordan Hyde, Founder & CEO

"Today, we rely on Trust Science in every application we look at.  The Six°Scores™ underpin our decisions."

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Richard Evans, Chief Product Officer
ConsumerCapital Canada

"This solution is transformative in the under-served, financially-excluded sector of the economy. It can score thin files and no hits, and it can do so in a fluid credit environment."

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Natalie Bell, Co-Founder/COO
Magical Credit

"Trust Science and its "Credit Bureau +" service exceeded my expectations and continues to do so. The service properly and accurately scores consumers who are very hard to score."

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Mark Eleoff, Founder & CEO
Eden Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to ‘rip and replace’ my existing solution?

No, we augment your existing data/processes/solutions and work with you to provide optimal results.

Are you FCRA compliant?

Yes, and compliant with all other relevant legislation and regulations. We work hand-in-hand with regulators to ensure compliance, and undergo periodic audits to ensure that our solutions are de-biased and offer the best possible analytics.

What makes you different? Why would I use you versus someone else?

We are a digital lending service offering immediate and real-time custom scores using machine learning, AI and tens of thousands of data sets.

Our cloud offering constantly improves our models, builds more data and more insights from the data. Plus, we give you automated credit decisioning so you can accelerate the approval process and approve more loans with less overhead.


Are you a credit bureau?

Technically, we are a CRA, a consumer reporting agency. We fall under specialty CRAs because we use alternative data. We like to say Credit Bureau+ or Credit Bureau 2.0 because we are the next iteration of what we think a credit bureau should be.

How do I use your software?

We provide an online platform to help score your applicants, as well as the ability to work within your LOS/LMS, dependent if we are already integrated with your chosen LOS/LMS. If not we can explore opportunities to integrate and consider the engineering work required.

How are your scores similar and different to traditional credit scores?

Scores range from 300-850 and based on the same range of traditional credit score, relatable and easy to understand. We differ from a traditional credit bureau in three areas:

1. The data that we use - we are not limited to traditional credit data.

2. We are not limited to traditional weightings on the data.

3. Our score takes your business model into consideration - we use your data, your industry, your region, and demographics.

Are you going to share my data with others?

Your privacy and confidentiality are top of mind for Trust Science. We stand behind what our name conveys, trust. We don't share any confidential or private information. Your custom scores are based on your business and the factors that would most influence good vs bad outcomes, for you. So the custom scores we provide you are specific to you.

Will I need to replace my LOS/LMS if I use you?

No we won’t replace your LOS or LMS. We provide an online platform to help score your applicants, as well as the ability to work within your LOS/LMS, dependent if we are already integrated with your chosen LOS/LMS. If not we can explore opportunities to integrate and consider the engineering work required.

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