Trust Science Sets Out to Transform Underwriting Space, Launches Annual Survey to Hear Pain Points in Credit-Decisioning

Palo Alto, USA, Oct 10, 2019 – USA Inc. a leading provider of AI-Powered Credit Scoring, announced today the launch of an annual survey to uncover key pain points facing credit underwriters. Trust Science wants to help resolve the industry’s pain through digital transformation and automation.

There has been a lack of innovation directed at the underwriting space. Loan underwriters are faced with changing market dynamics and the inability to adjust their loan underwriting process. Conversely, credit invisibles and thin-file applicants are left without the means to obtain loans. 

“Lenders haven’t been empowered with digital services and offerings that would automate processes or adapt to changing market dynamics,” says Evan Chrapko, Trust Science, President & CEO. “Archaic models and systems are unable to score borrowers who aren’t a credit risk but don’t fit into old methods. And the world requires speed, predictability and real-time responsiveness. That’s part of what we aim to reflect with our survey results.”

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The survey opened today and will close at 10:59 PM PT Nov. 15, 2019. Findings will be published in a report and shared with respondents as well as the entire industry.

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Trust Science ® builds and delivers Credit Bureau 2.0 ®   This is the world’s leading provider of AI-sourced and AI-analyzed to generate highly predictive credit scores for lenders around the world.  Trust Science sifts Prime-quality loan applicants out of the wrongly-scored, so-called Subprime pool. Optionally, the system can also obtain consented mobile data using its patented (30+ patents across 12 countries) data collection methods.  Lenders get increases in their loan origination volumes, reduction in default rates and double-digit ROI thanks to reduced OpEx from more automation and fewer human errors. Trust Science is a winner of the Red Herring North America Top 100 award, and “Smartest Companies to Watch” from Cherokee Media.

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