30+ Patents In Six Countries

We have developed a portfolio of over 30 patents related to artificial intelligence and machine learning as applied to leveraging publicly available, mobile and social data in scoring trust. Our patents have been granted in six countries. 

TS Map - Intellectual Property.png

To date, our patent portfolio covers:

  • Mapping the intensity of connectedness between two people (the “six degrees of separation” idea) and among many people/social fabric. "Social Graph"

  • The use of an A.I.-infused SIX°SCORE™ in settings from lending to dating to recruiting to law enforcement/counter-terrorism to monitoring one's employees to online commerce or the use of sharing economy sites

  • Machine, A.I. and statistical analysis of trustworthiness and connectedness

  • The application of trustworthiness in the context of digital currencies (virtual/blockchain)

  • The fact that trustworthiness may be context-dependent

  • Not only is trustworthiness of a person important, but so is the Risk Tolerance of our users

  • Geo-location factors (of both the user and the target) regarding trust assessments

  • Identity-matching and Entity-resolution is important for a system like this, which gathers data "in the wild"

  • Visually depicting complex, Big Data results

  • Determining social connectivity for use in determining trustworthiness

  • Permitting entry into, or filtering the ability to view, financial applications based upon connectedness

  • Assessing trustworthiness of people, businesses, products, brands, and places

  • Improving trustworthiness based on crowd-sourced data

  • Trend analysis of direct and indirect data to extrapolate and predict trustworthiness trajectories

We continue to expand our capabilities in the applications of AI, machine learning, big data, and cognitive computing as they relate to context-aware social index scoring and trustworthiness, with additional patents pending.