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Our flagship underwriting score powered by artificial intelligence. Our machine learning models use traditional data, alternative data, and Trust Science® proprietary data.

Prescreen & Direct Marketing

Our prescreening and direct marketing services align your underwriting criteria and marketing criteria ensuring the highest response and approval rates for your marketing campaigns.

Banking by Trust Science®

With Banking by Trust Science®, you can verify applicant banking information and income sources, providing cash flow insights and reducing the risk of default.

Know Your Customer & Fraud Prevention


Our top-of-the-funnel KYC tool validates an applicant's identity by examining identity attributes and checking them against authoritative sources.


Our fraud prevention tool that further analyzes identity attributes checking for activity, history and association and identifies the risk of various types of fraud.


Our all-in-one solution for KYC and fraud that uses an applicants mobile phone to verify identity and prevent fraud.


Our pre-filled solution verifies attributes from SmartProtect™ and prefills the loan application reducing applicant friction and overall risk of fraud.

Risk Analytic Services

Receive maximum value and benefit from your solutions with Trust Science® by receiving our RAS services including performance monitoring, model redevelopment, and more!

Decision Management by Anna™

Our no-code user interface allows you to make changes to your underwriting process including products, rules, and score cutoffs. This allows strategy testing and the ability to rapidly deploy workflow changes to production. 

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