Trust Science Lands FinTech Leader Matt Browning as President to Drive Growth

February 21, 2024 - Palo Alto, California

Trust Science®, a loan applicant sourcing, screening and decisioning platform, today announced the addition of Matt Browning as Trust Science’s new President.

Mr. Browning was recently the Chief Operating Officer at Snap! Finance, a global top-3 lender providing retailers with a secondary finance option to reach the 40% of consumers who don’t qualify for traditional credit. Matt’s executive leadership of Snap! was pivotal, growing the company from its very early startup stage to over 1,000 employees across 6 countries, and achieving 10-figure revenue, 9-figure EBITDA and $2 Billion in equity value. Matt conceived and built all manner of products, functions and teams in support of serving millions of customers and their financial needs.
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Matt says “I am very excited to join Trust Science. Evan and the team have developed a powerful platform that is demonstrating its distinctive capabilities in financial services and supporting many thousands of consumers who are often excluded by the use of legacy data and tools.

In joining Trust Science, Mr. Browning will help lead Trust Science through its accelerating growth, and he brings industry knowledge to support rapid innovation and banking-grade commercialization.

According to Evan Chrapko, Trust Science’s Founder, Chairman & CEO, “We had to compete for Matt against a tsunami of VCs and PE firms that were clamoring to hire him to lead their portfolio companies. All Trust Scientists, our lender customers, and our software & data partners now have an extremely capable President who can turbocharge our Go-To-Market. Matt is committed to our mission of ensuring that hundreds of millions of deserving individual consumers around the world get the money they deserve.” 

Mr. Browning comes to Trust Science with over two decades of experience in senior executive roles for a myriad of companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies. His experience is highlighted by seven years as a Director on the Board of Altabank (NASDAQ: ALTA), later sold to Glacier Bank (NASDAQ: GBCI) at 2.9X TBV, 5 years as President of Target Bank, and multiple other financial technology and financial services companies, including providing testimony before the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability regarding banking and chartering.

On the basis of his lifetime of rich experience and deep vision, Matt predicts, “We will build upon our success and further expand in financial services, and soon into new verticals as well, delivering for deserving consumers, for our forward thinking customers, and for our tremendously supportive investors.”

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About Trust Science

Trust Science® revolutionizes lending with its Credit Bureau+™ SaaS, a pioneering Invisible Prime™ and Hidden Prime™ FinTech solution that accurately identifies risk-appropriate borrowers for banks, consumer finance firms, and securitization entities/ABS investors. Its mission is to empower deserving individuals to access the financial opportunities they merit. An AI/ML-powered platform delivers superior decisions, significantly boosting lenders’ bottom line with risk-adjusted ROIs as high as 201x and substantial increases across key financial metrics. By mitigating lending risk and extending financial inclusion, Trust Science drives economic mobility, particularly for systemically excluded, thin-file, and ‘no hit’ applicants. Trust Science is deeply committed to compliance with global consumer protection and privacy regulations while integrating productionized Statistical Learning via a scalable MLOps platform, coupled with unique Smart Consent™ technology for ethical data acquisition. Backed by 60+ patents and trademarks across 19 countries around the world, Trust Science is helmed by a visionary leader recognized alongside industry giants. The Trust Science impact is underscored by inclusion in the Global Impact 200 and different rankings of the fastest-growing companies globally.

Trust Science®, Credit Bureau 2.0® and Troo® are trademarks that are exclusively registered to Inc. by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Other trademarks of Inc. include Credit Bureau+™, Six°Score™, Hidden Prime™, Invisible Prime™, Credit Bureau 3.0™, Credit Bureau 4.0™, Personal Credit Bureau™, Personal Data Vault™, Auto Six°Score™, Auto Bureau™, Auto Credit Bureau™, Rating Agency 2.0™, Rating Agency 3.0™, Cashflow Bureau™, Cash Flow Underwriting™, Smart Consent™, One Touch Lending™, Lead to Loan™, Lender in the Cloud™, Anna™, Anna the Virtual Loans Officer™, FlowBuilder™, Fl°wBuilder™, GenIE™, Banking GenIE™, Income GenIE™,  FCRA-Compliant Insights From Lead to Loan™, Go Beyond the Bureau™, Fixing the Credit Catch-22™, Find Invisible Primes™, Finding Primes in Your Declines™, Lulu™, LuLu the Lead Source’ress™, My Personal Bureau™, and Helping Lenders Find Great Borrowers™.

Trust Science acknowledges and appreciates the support of numerous funders and supporting partners, including Alberta Innovates, IRAP, CanExport, Trade Commissioner Service, Employment and Social Development Canada, the Alberta Export Expansion Program, Plug and Play, and Connection Silicon Valley.

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