Prescreen & Direct Marketing

Better Data. Better Screening. Better Performance.

Our prescreening and direct marketing services align your underwriting criteria and marketing criteria ensuring the highest response and approval rates for your marketing campaigns. 

Only available to lenders in the United States.

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Score & Response Models

At Trust Science® we use our flagship Six°Score™ models both for decision underwriting and for marketing campaign prospect screening. 

The alignment of underwriting and marketing criteria insures the highest approval rate of responding prospects.

Six°Score™ models evaluates and prescreens a prospect list, prospects are further optimized by our propensity model to determine your marketing campaign list. 

blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Venn Diagram-1
blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Venn Diagram-1
About Headshot Example MCM illustrations
About Headshot Example MCM illustrations

Marketing Campaign Management

At Trust Science® we tailor models specific to your industry and geography giving you the most effective results possible. We work directly with mailhouses to optimize your direct mail campaigns and can conduct A-B testing, and total campaign analysis. 


Workflow Integration

No need to rip and replace that would take weeks to implement! The Trust Science® technology platform integrates our data sources into your existing  LOS/LMS, workflow and decisioning processes regardless of programming language. The Trust Science® REST API goes a step further automating data collection from borrowers through email/SMS notifications and coordination with SmartConsent™. We apply the data, products and decisioning at optimal steps in your existing business processes minimizing integration difficulty while increasing ROI.

product_jobbies_2 WKL illustrations
product_jobbies_2 WKL illustrations

Lead Generation to Underwriting Workflow

This is an example of lead generation through underwriting workflow utilizing many of our products including Fraud/KYC, Banking and Six°Score™. The display here is only an illustration of how our Prescreen & Direct Marketing workflow is setup with one of our customers.  After the leads to applications, the order and quantity of our products is fully customizable. 

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