Rely on Trust

Trust is influenced by many different factors. We look at the size and reach of social networks, the sentiment of messages and data, the volume of information available, the presence of red flag indicators, and much more. When this data is coupled with specific decision profiles, a reliable profile can be generated.


The Credit Bureau 2.0™

Powered by our patented machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, the Trust Science SIX°SCORE™ platform combines traditional and alternative data with consent-based mobile and social data to deliver in depth and dynamic analytics models and scores like Credit Bureau 2.0. The SixScore platform:

  • Expands scorable universe and identifies new targets who may not have a complete profile based on traditional metrics

  • Better matches products and services to targets based on robust scoring models

Trust Science® uses patented algorithms to analyze publicly available digital information. We collect data from social media, news sources, court data, web search, transactions and more. Using sophisticated mathematical models, we process this data to then determine the trustworthiness of individuals, business and organizations.


30+ Patents In Six Countries

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