A Measure of Trustworthiness


Everyone has a digital footprint of publicly available information. Our complex algorithms use this data to paint a picture of the trustworthiness of individuals & organizations, this is Credit Bureau 2.0™.


Intelligent Search

In a hyper-connected world, thousands of data points are available on any individual. Through intelligent search we can find and connect this information to build a more robust target profile 

  • Make use of publicly available information
  • Connect multiple data sources intelligently
  • Create new opportunities by expanding target options
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A.I. Analysis

Our technology platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze and interpret data, augment target profiles and make better decisions. 

  • Rapid learning and pattern recognition
  • Discover growth areas within existing datasets
  • Do more than is possible utilizing traditional computing

Trust Score

A digital trust score or social index score is a calculated metric that underscores the trustworthiness of an individual on the basis of publicly available online information.

  • Uses structured and unstructured data

  • Able to score any individual with online activity

  • Expands available data for decision making



A.I.-powered Lending, for Online & Physical store fronts

Compliant, explainable Six°Scores™

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