Why does trust matter?


Humans are biologically programmed to develop a sense of who is trustworthy.

We recognize factors like ability, benevolence, reputation, credibility and integrity as natural components of trustworthiness.

In an online context, without the physical cues we rely on in real-life encounters, it can be hard to determine if an individual or organization should be trusted. Trust Science® applies complex algorithms and machine learning to publicly available information to compile a trustworthiness profile of individuals and businesses.

What is a Trust Score?

A digital trust score or social index score is a profile measure that examines the trustworthiness of an individual or organization on the basis of publicly available online information. Trust Science® developed SIX°SCORE™ with our patented technology as a way of helping individuals and businesses to make better decisions.

Trust is foundational in functional society and in the development of increasing social capital. High levels of social capital present in a society are believed to be strong predictors of economic success and quality of life. When trust breaks down, society suffers.

Trust Science® believes that providing an accessible digital trust score encourages greater awareness of behaviour and attitude. Organizations and individuals will make efforts to behave in such a way that they increase their trustworthiness for the good of others and themselves.

Patented Technology

Trust Science® uses patented algorithms to analyze publicly available digital information. We collect data from social media, news sources, court data, web search, transactions and more. Using sophisticated mathematical models, we process this data to then determine the trustworthiness of individuals, business and organizations.

Trust is influenced by many different factors. We look at the size and reach of social networks, the sentiment of messages and data, the volume of information available, the presence of red flag indicators, and much more. When this data is coupled with specific decision profiles such as buying, selling, lending, etc., a reliable profile can be generated.

As we run more data through our system and continuously develop our set of baseline data, we leverage the power of machine learning to continually refine results. With Trust Science®, determining trustworthiness is no longer purely intuition.

Decisions based on data. Decisions made with trust.