Kamala Harris on Financial Inclusion

Over 90 million credit invisible North Americans are left on the outside of the modern economy.

Credit Bureau+™ by Trust Science leverages alternative data for powerfully predictive insights and a more financially inclusive future. We’re here to help deserving people get access to the credit they deserve.

The traditional bureaus have suggested that using alternative data sources can help uncover what Trust Science calls the Invisible Prime borrowers. This group of people are burdened with inaccurately low credit scores, resulting in their exclusion from the modern economy. Many of these no-hit or thin-file borrowers are new to country or millennials/Gen Z whose credit scores are either directly or indirectly a gateway—or brick wall—to becoming productive members of society.

The Vice President of the United States of America emphasized the importance of financial inclusion in an interview she had with The View in 2019. 

“We judge credit and healthy credit based on the assumption if they have money. Instead, how about if they pay their phone bills, their rent, and their utility bills on time? We should be measuring that as part of assessing if you are a responsible person financially so they can qualify for credit’, Harris said.

90+ million North American Credit Invisibles

Stop missing the 90+ million North American credit Invisibles with compliant, powerful, and accurate credit scoring for more originations, lower defaults, and frictionless automation.

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Better Credit Decisions

Leverage our pre and post-approval workflows for completely automated, faster, and better credit decisions tailored to your business rules and strategy.

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Trust Science® Six°Score™

Traditional credit bureaus are blinded by the volatile markets. The Trust Science® Six°Score™ can account for rapidly changing market conditions.

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Higher Approval

Connect marketing and underwriting for optimized spending and higher approval and response rates.

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Automated and Accurate Assessments

Outpace and outperform competitors with automated and accurate assessments, plugged into your LMS/LOS of choice.

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