Increase Loan Originations & Decrease Defaults by Finding Invisible Primes™

Trust Science's FCRA Compliant Platform

Helps Your Company from Lead to Loan™

90+ million North American Credit Invisibles

Stop missing the 90+ million North American credit Invisibles with compliant, powerful, and accurate credit scoring for more originations, lower defaults, and frictionless automation.

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Lead Generation

Direct Marketing and Lead Acquisition Solutions align risk and marketing to target high-propensity leads that will pass your underwriting criteria, ensuring the highest response and approval rates for your marketing campaigns.

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Trust Science® Six°Score™

Traditional credit bureaus are blinded by the volatile markets. The Trust Science® Six°Score™ can account for rapidly changing market conditions.

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Better Credit Decisions

Leverage our pre and post-approval workflows for completely automated, faster, and better credit decisions tailored to your business rules and strategy.

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Higher Approval

Connect marketing and underwriting for optimized spending and higher approval and response rates.

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Automated and Accurate Assessments

Outpace and outperform competitors with automated and accurate assessments, plugged into your LMS/LOS of choice.

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Industry Leaders Let Trust Science® Handle Their Credit Decisions

Trust Science® is committed to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance and helping you protect and understand your consumer profile. For more information, please see our Consumer Disclosure Page.

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