In Memoriam - Tony McGivern

We sadly note Mr. McGivern’s passing and offer our condolences to his family. 

Tony was the former CIO at FICO®, having come aboard as a result of FICO’s acquisition of Adeptra™ – a company that pioneered omnichannel technology to automate interactions between:
a) businesses — primarily Financial Institutions, and
b) consumers…
…to facilitate fraud management, collections & payment reminders, appointment verification and other on-boarding interactions. Tony served as both CEO and CTO at Adeptra.

While at FICO, Tony also drove the FICO Analytic Cloud initiative, the beginning of FICO’s journey into a cloud-based delivery/consumption channel for their analytic products.

Prior to all of the above, Tony was the CTO & SVP of Strategy at Bain-backed USinternetworking (USi), a pioneer in the web-based delivery of business applications.

Mr. McGivern imparted extremely valuable strategy, tactical and leadership advice to Evan ever since they met in 2017.  He was obviously well-steeped in the data & bureau industry and all its various business and competitive considerations, at the highest levels.  His presence, mentorship and friendship is missed.