Credit Decisioning Engine

What is Fl°wBuilder™?

Fl°wBuilder™ is a low-code, drag-anddrop workflow development tool that helps lenders automate credit adjudication processes.

With batch backtesting, ready-to-use templates and feature blocks, and intuitive debugging, Fl°wBuilder™ helps risk experts focus on strategy development with a comprehensive suite of tools.

Why Fl°wBuilder™?

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Unleash a Virtual Loans Officer

Core Approval Workflow

Leveraging powerful ML models, our library of tailormade attributes, and easy visual development flows, easily produce your first flow and cover off the majority of your applications with confidence

Leads and Marketing

Prequalification workflows help maximize ROI by knocking out bad leads and enabling the Credit Bureau+™ platform to find optimal leads and marketing targets for your campaigns.

Conditional Approvals

By splitting the flow on certain conditions, you can automatically trigger separately designed workflows to get additional information on borrowers that require it, while reducing friction across the board.

Automated Resubmissions

Resubmissions are an extensive, manual process that adds friction and loses deals. Automate resubmissions and quickly adjudicate on the differences, you’ll get responses back faster and close more competitive deals.

Advanced Features

Fl°wBuilder™ is more than just a basic workflow orchestration tool: risk shops leverage our advanced feature set to automate more, work faster, expand their capabilities, and constantly re-optimize strategy

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Less Defaults, More Conversion

By taking advantage of the power of Fl°wBuilder™ and all the Trust Science platform has to offer, lenders are getting much better repayment performance, response rates, and larger deals, translating to over 500% higher ROI and 70% lower cost per funded loan.

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