Why Does Trust Matter?

Without the physical cues we rely on in real-life encounters to establish trust, online assessment becomes impossible without loads of time consuming research. Trust Science® applies complex algorithms and machine learning to publicly available information to compile a trustworthiness profile of individuals and businesses.



What is a Trust Score?

A digital trust score or social index score is a profile measure that examines the trustworthiness of an individual or organization on the basis of publicly available online information. Trust Science® developed Credit Bureau 2.0® platform with our patented methods as a way of helping individuals and businesses to make better decisions.

We believe that providing an accessible digital trust score encourages greater awareness of behaviour and attitude. Organizations and individuals will make efforts to behave in such a way that they increase their trustworthiness for the good of others and themselves.


Credit Bureau 2.0® is Potent in Several Verticals


Compliant Lending, for Online & Physical Store Fronts

Lenders suffer fewer write-off's and make more loans to good repayers, even in the subprime/no-hit arena. Enjoy getting automatic risk-based pricing and/or recommended loan amounts.


Marketing & Sourcing New, Valuable Customers

Prequalified Marketing and Pre-Approved offers for lenders. Shortest-Path Referrals for sales people.


Sharing Economy & eCommerce

Trust files and flag indicators for online commerce and social interactions (classified ads, dating, ride sharing, etc.)


Recruiting & HR

Technologies to aid recruiters and HR professionals in making better selections.


Law Enforcement, Counter-Terrorism, Security

Social Graphs are a powerful way to assess risk and possible accomplices.


28+ Patents In Six Countries

Our patented algorithms analyze publicly available digital information. Data collected from social media, news sources, court data, web search, transactions & more. Using sophisticated mathematical models, we process this data to then determine the trustworthiness of individuals, business and organizations.

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