Tenant Banking and Income Screening by Trust Science®

Tenant Banking and Income Screening services help landlords and property managers address their top concerns about tenants, in a simple, streamlined and secure process. 

Top Landlord Concerns About Tenants

Payment Problems


Prior Eviction History


Prior Criminal History


Fraudulent Information on Application


High Maintenance


Moves Frequently


Income Verification

Income and employment data are amongst the most important determinants for landlords when evaluating a tenant’s ability to pay their monthly rent. With accurate, timely, and verified income and employment data (VOIE), landlords can make the best decisions using the Trust Science® VOIE service, verifying income sources, types and stability.

Bank Verification

Instant bank verification from Trust Science® validates key information from banking, including account ownership and history. This reinforces the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Identity Verification (IDV) processes to reduce fraud and ensure a seamless, quick, and positive customer experience.

Bank Summary

Banking and Income Screening by Trust Science® can access up to two years of historically categorized bank transactions from various North American banks and financial institutions. This data offers valuable insights into customer cash flows, spending habits, and debt obligations, allowing property managers to better assess prospective tenants.

Categorized Transactions

Categorized transactions provide further insight into the tenant’s earnings, spending habits, and debt obligations. This dashboard includes transaction dates, descriptions, categories, amounts, debits and credit values, and account balances. Altogether, this data gives property managers a crystal-clear view of their tenants, reducing their risk of default.

Benefits for Landlord/Property Manager: Trust Science® Console

Getting set up on the Trust Science® console is a quick and straightforward process. To get rolling, all that’s needed is an email invite from your sales coordinator and a short account set-up that can be done independently. From the console, you are able to send prospective tenants banking requests that direct them to sign in through their bank’s website and to temporarily provide Smart Consent™ authorization to view their account summaries. Once completed, you are immediately able to see detailed transaction breakdowns and more general account summaries, providing a near-complete and easily understandable snapshot of an applicant’s financial standing.

Benefits for Tenants: Smart Consent™

Smart Consent™ provides tenants with a Canadian, trusted (see SOC 2), and proven bank verification platform, providing a seamless and safe experience. Movements away from traditional verification methods, such as physical statement verification, provide deserving tenants with a convenient and secure way to communicate information pertinent to their application to prospective landlords. Further, information is accessed temporarily and digitally via a trusted third party, meaning the safety of applicants’ personal information is less vulnerable to misuse or mishandling.

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