• Cutting-edge machine learning technology, a powerful platform, an array of data sources, and industry-leading risk accuracy.
  • Buyers and sellers of asset-backed securities get comprehensive insights into each deal and overall portfolio value and risk trend.

Empowering Investors With:

Easily set and automatically test covenants, to significantly reduce OpEx, cycle time and potential for error. Automatically review tranche source documents and agreement compliance.

No more relying on stale credit files at time of
application. Trust Science uses real-time data for an updated view of each file’s default risk and risk trending for better valuations.

With years of experience across the credit quality
spectrum, Trust Science provides highly accurate
insights into each file, going beyond the subprime/prime distinction from conventional
scoring and rating sources.

Adjudicate and fund originators at time of
customer acquisition to cherry-pick deals ahead
of competitors, or find new Invisible Prime™ deals
to grow your book. 

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Improve Portfolio Performance

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Save Time and Money

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Grow Your Portfolio

At a glance

Rating Agency 2.0™ in Action - Investors

Trust Science helps investors optimize their investments in ABS with re-underwriting, real-time data-driven insights, document
and data ingestion and ML-powered automation that lowers costs and increases returns.

A large institutional investor was faced with increased market volatility, progressively rising costs in covenant audits and overall due diligence, and strained performance. Trust Science was leveraged to help this investor get costs in check, harness volatility, and improve risk assessment.

Trust Science provided this investor with solutions to improve in three key areas:


Substantial Cost and Time Savings

Automating source document verification, and covenant testing significantly reduced manual intervention to save over 50% processing time while getting more consistency and accuracy.


Optimal Pricing and NPV Calculations

Leveraging our adjudication models, the investor was able to align their pricing with risk and produce more accurate NPVs.


Actionable Insights for Origination

With file-by-file reporting, the investor gained specific insights to proactively guide originators to book the correct deals.

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