Credit Adjudication

Explainable AI/Ml decisioning tools that leverage traditional and alternative data sources to more accurately assess applicant’s creditworthiness and streamline lending processes.

Credit Adjudication

Underlying Highly-Predictive Scoring Model

Our flagship model, Six°Score™, uses thousands of data points from conventional, alternative, and proprietary sources within our AI/ML framework. This creates a highly predictive credit score, helping US and Canada installment and auto lenders in accurately evaluating applicants’ creditworthiness, especially those with limited credit history, revealing Invisible Primes™. With a user-friendly interface, Six°Score™ employs a standard 350-800 score range. It consistently outperforms leading competitor scores across all metrics including, AUC, and Gini. This translates to increased originations, reduced defaults, or a mix of both.

Credit Adjudication

Automate Your Decisioning

By using our Virtual Loans Officer Anna™, clients can automate Lead-to-Loan™ , eliminating manual oversight. This covers Lead Screening, approvals/declines, loan terms, and recommended loan amounts. This swift process minimizes the need for human intervention, aided by our no-code interface. You can easily implement underwriting processes, product rules, and score cutoffs, all integrated seamlessly through a cloud-based API into your existing lending systems.

Credit Adjudication

Fully Transparent Decisioning

Given the opacity of the AI decision-making process, Trust Science relies on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI). As AI decisioning becomes more complex, credit evaluation becomes unclear, less transparent, and more “black-box”. xAI ensures accountability and transparency to AI models making sure that clients can trust, and understand why decisions are made. Integrating xAI into our credit adjudication process debugs errors, detects biases, enhances transparency, and leads to financial inclusion and equitable lending practices. 

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