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Connect marketing and underwriting with a risk-based lens for optimized efficiency.

Augment and streamline your decisioning process for more originations, less defaults, and 20-200X ROI.

Beat the conventional scores and find the over/undervalued loans to optimize your securitization negotiations

Data Aggregation - 
Expand Your Data Universe

Trust Science leverages its Credit Bureau+™ platform to construct fully customizable machine learning models. This innovative platform incorporates a diverse array of data sources, including:
Trust Science utilizes the attributes and information provided during the loan application process while adhering to fair lending practices.
Trust Science enables access to consented borrower banking data, allowing verification of borrower details such as income and employer information.

Trust Science incorporates relevant geographic and economic data based on your industry and geographical region, adhering to regulatory compliance.

Trust Science utilizes the attributes and information provided during the loan application process while adhering to fair lending practices.
By combining public data (bureau, loan application) with existing public information specific to a particular job, such as required skills, Trust Science ensures compliance with regulations while enhancing the accuracy of its models.

Trust Science utilizes available public records, including court files, in a manner that complies with fair lending regulations.

Through the comprehensive integration of these diverse data sources, Trust Science equips lenders with powerful insights and a thorough understanding of a borrower’s probability of default. This holistic approach enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of credit assessments, empowering lenders to make informed decisions.

Dynamic Credit Scoring - Harness Volatility

Trust Science’s patented technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence addresses the challenges posed by roughly 20% of Americans who are classified as Invisible Prime™ borrowers. These individuals cannot be assessed fairly and accurately using conventional credit scoring methods.

To combat this issue, the Trust Science Six°Score™, leverages thousands of data points from conventional, alternative, and proprietary sources. By utilizing a powerful and transparent explainable AI and ML platform, Six°Score™ allows you to harness volatility and ensure that creditworthy borrowers are not overlooked.

By combining these innovative techniques, Trust Science offers comprehensive credit scoring models that expand the scorable universe, match products and services effectively, and provide fair assessments even for previously underserved individuals. Our platform is designed to revolutionize credit assessment and unlock opportunities for both borrowers and lenders alike.

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Explainable AI - Compliance Covered

Trust Science is fully compliant with legislation governing Credit Reporting Agencies in both Canada and the US. An independent analytics firm has awarded Trust Science an annual Compliance Certificate, validating its adherence to these regulations.

To ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements surrounding consumer protection, privacy, explainability, and fair lending, Trust Science undergoes regular audits of its model and data governance. These audits are comprehensive in nature, guaranteeing that Trust Science meets all necessary standards. In addition, Trust Science has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 security audit and a suitability review in accordance with ISO 27001, demonstrating its robust security policy without any weaknesses or exceptions.

Operating within a secure cloud environment, Trust Science prioritizes minimizing downtime and maximizing security. This commitment to reliability ensures that lenders can confidently rely on Trust Science’s services 24/7/365. Moreover, the company offers Service Level Agreements tailored to meet the needs of its bank-grade customers.

Trust Science is a specialty consumer reporting agency that complies with applicable Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations. Trust Science provides proprietary AI driven analyses of consumer data from a variety of data sources. We support consumers’ rights to dispute and correct inaccurate or incomplete information furnished to or sourced by Trust Science in accordance with the FCRA.

Automated Decisioning - Answer
All Your Lending Questions

Trust Science can harness logic to implement your decisioning and knockout rules to give life to a virtual loans officer referred to as Anna™. For other lenders, Trust Science has automated full, end-to-end credit decisions, from screening leads to approve/decline, and all the way down to recommended loan amounts and term structures. Augment and replace physical staff with the highly accurate automation of your lending strategy and rules, in a manner that integrates directly and seamlessly via a cloud-based API infrastructure to your lending systems. Anna™, our decisioning engine that automates your rules to make lending decisions ranging from (but not limited to) key considering factors like:

  • Approve and decline
  • Recommended loan amount
  • Recommended payment amount
  • Risk-based pricing tiers (offering different interest rates and loan terms to borrowers, based on individual creditworthiness)

Global Innovation Leaders - 60+ Patents Worldwide

Patents and Trademarks: USA, Israel, Japan, Indonesia
Patents: Canada, China, Mexico, Brazil, GCC States, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Trademarks: Switzerland, Ukraine, Singapore
Patents and Trademarks: USA, Israel, Japan, Indonesia
Patents: Canada, China, Mexico, Brazil, GCC States, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Trademarks: Switzerland, Ukraine, Singapore

  • Machine, A.I. and statistical analysis of trustworthiness and connectedness

  • The application of trustworthiness in the context of digital currencies (virtual/blockchain)

  • The fact that trustworthiness may be context-dependent

  • Not only is the trustworthiness of a person important but so is the Risk Tolerance of our users
  • Trend analysis of direct and indirect data to extrapolate and predict trustworthiness trajectories

  • Geo-location factors (of both the user and the target) regarding trust assessments

  • Identity-matching and entity-resolution are important for a system like this, which gathers data “in the wild”

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