Gartner® Research Mentions
Featuring Trust Science

Find out more about the Gartner® Research notes that highlight Trust Science as industry gold standards for AI, banking and alternative data.

The Gartner® report titled “Emerging Tech: Leverage Alternative Data and Composite AI for Intelligent Applications,” published on March 11, 2024, emphasizes the significance of utilizing alternative data and composite AI to address critical business problems. It underscores that organizations often overlook this opportunity, urging product leaders to invest in new data science methods and processes, along with alternative data, to develop intelligent applications that can outpace the market. 

The report also presents case studies of innovative companies leveraging intelligent applications, including Trust Science’s Credit Scoring solution. Trust Science identified a gap in traditional credit scoring methods, particularly for individuals lacking sufficient credit history, and developed an intelligent decisioning platform leveraging alternative data and AI/ML models to provide more accurate risk scores. This solution, marketed as Credit Bureau 2.0, addresses the needs of financially stressed consumers and presents significant opportunities for lenders.

In “How Intelligent Applications Are Using Alternative Data and Algorithms,” Gartner highlights that “organizations are overlooking the massive opportunity to use alternative data and algorithms to address important business problems.” Complementing this statement is an analysis done which Gartner suggests that there are “millions of combinations of unique data that can be leveraged in conjunction with newer technologies (like deep learning and graph technology) and techniques (like composite artificial intelligence [AI]) to build intelligent applications capable of providing broad and deep business value”, to solve “business problems that haven’t changed in years.” 

The above findings deeply align with the value proposition that Trust Science is able to provide through its explainable-AI credit scoring software, Credit Bureau 2.0®. Given this alignment, we were excited when Gartner® cited Trust Science as a “Case in Point” within this Emerging Technologies report.

Trust Science was cited by Gartner® as a “Sample Vendor” for Intelligent Applications within two 2022 Gartner® Hype Cycles: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Applications. Intelligent Applications are included within both Hype Cycles on the latter half of the graph, on the “slope of enlightenment.” This section is where “more instances of how the technology can benefit the enterprise start to crystallize and become more widely understood” and where “second- and third-generation products appear from technology providers.”

Gartner’s 2022 “Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence” touched upon the pervasive “use and adoption of AI within enterprise,” as “AI techniques are used to add intelligence to previously static business applications, devices, and productivity tools.” Also detailed in this Hype Cycle is the current state of AI Hype and Innovation, with “state-of-the-art accuracy in models across a range of tasks” being created across the AI space. 

The “Hype Cycle for the Future of Applications” in 2022 “champion[ed] business stakeholders through the process of selecting, buying and managing packaged enterprise applications.” Also discussed within the hype cycle is the “modernizing and extending applications to achieve optimal alignment with business value streams” including “enabling business technologists through technology like self-service data and analytics, intelligent applications, and event stream processing to improve the overall digital employee experience.”

The “Artificial Intelligence in Banking” report is intended to “analyze the maturity, market momentum, and influence of emerging technologies and trends”, evaluating 10 emerging AI technologies. The selected technologies “leverage AI techniques with significant near- and short-term impact to the banking and investment services industry.”
One of these selected technologies is “Responsible AI”, which “is an umbrella term for many aspects of making the right business and ethical choices when an organization adopts AI.” Included under this umbrella are business choices such as “using principles of explainability/interpretability to understand decision process” and “protecting the privacy of customer information and regulatory compliance.”

Many of the outline components of “Responsible AI” are key guiding principles behind Credit Bureau 2.0®; thus, we were excited when Gartner® cited Trust Science as a “Sample Vendor” within this Emerging Technologies Impact Radar Report.

In 2022, the Gartner report titled “Tool: Vendor Identification for Decision Management Suite Providers” is crucial for data and analytics leaders and sourcing teams looking to identify decision management suite (DMS) vendors suitable for their projects. The report offers a structured approach to evaluate DMS vendors based on 18 key issues, helping organizations compile a shortlist for the request for proposal (RFP) process. Trust Science’s mention in this report underscores its recognition as a key player in the decision management suite domain, aligning with its vision of providing superior solutions in the field of alternative data and explainable AI. Trust Science’s inclusion in the tool showcases its competitiveness and relevance in providing solutions for complex decision-making processes, highlighting its commitment to innovation and excellence in the credit decisioning industry.

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