Patentend social indexing. Make decisions based on trust.

Better decisions are based on trust.


The Social Index Score is the next big leap in measuring trust.

Trust Science® uses publicly available information to understand the trustworthiness of individuals. Our patented algorithms are built into SIX°™ and Credit Bureau 2.0 to provide a layer of social data to help reduce risk, leading to better business decisions.


The SIX°SCORE™ sheds light on difficult selection decisions.


Trust is Measurable

In a hyper-connected world, thousands of data points are available on any individual. Our proprietary software analyzes digital connections, transactions, geo-location data, and more to provide a SIX°SCORE™ for every connected individual.


Built for Decision-makers

SIX°SCORE™, built with our patented algorithms, is useful for lending, HR, finance, classifieds, sharing economy and more. Measure the trustworthiness of individuals before selection.

Why measure trust with SIXºSCORE™?


Better Decisions
Use SIX°SCORE™ to augment traditional evaluation metrics.

Improved Retention
Continuous monitoring flags risk in existing customer cases.

Peace of Mind
The best tools available to secure your book of business.