Roughly 1 in 5 Adults in North

Roughly 1 in 5 Adults in North America Are

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Invisible Primes™

Trust Science Helps Lenders Find Great Borrowers™

From Lead...

Source. Screen. Convert.

Direct Marketing and Lead Acquisition Solutions that align risk and marketing to target high-propensity leads that will pass your underwriting criteria. 

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Find Invisible Primes™

xAI-Powered Credit Decisioning Suite augments and automates your workflow to help you approve more loans and reduce defaults.


From Lead...

Better Data. Better Screening. Better Performance.

– Generate, filter, and score leads with a risk-based lens that aligns your underwriting and marketing for fully approved loans in one touch with a streamlined customer experience and superior returns on marketing. 

– Use xAI and ML models to leverage thousands of different data points for highly predictive scoring and full automation of lending decisions from approval to terms.

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Banking by Trust Science®

– Bi-directional APIs integrate seamlessly to augment your workflow quickly and effectively with future-ready infrastructure in blockchain, Web 3.0, and Open Banking.

– Use real-time, KYC information for identity attribute verification, verification of income, employment, and more.

– Consumer consented data obtained by Smart Consent^TM integrates directly into your existing application process.

Transforming the Credit Industry

The Trust Science® Difference

STOP missing and dismissing Invisible Prime™ borrowers and boost your lending with

Learning System to Harness Volatility

Immediate Explainability

Advanced Logic to Automate Decisioning

Incorporate Deal Structures, Assets, and Co-Borrowers

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Increase in Loan Originations

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Increase in Approval Rates

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Decrease in Defaults & Charge-Offs

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