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Roughly 1 in 5 Adults in North America are Invisible

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***The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions regulates all banking in accordance with the Bank Act. It is a highly conservative regime by global standards, contributing to the extremely favorable reputation of the country’s banking system worldwide. Only 35 domestic institutions meet the criteria and qualifications to enjoy a Schedule 1 charter under the Bank Act. These Trust Science® customers are elite Schedule 1 banks.

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Implement Trust Science’s data-driven tools individually or as an integrated platform to automate lending workflows and make confident lending decisions using less resources.

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Direct Marketing and Lead Acquisition Solutions that align risk and marketing to target high-propensity leads that will pass your underwriting criteria. 

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xAI-Powered Credit Decisioning Suite augments and automates your workflow to help you approve more loans and reduce defaults.


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Don’t judge a loan book by its cover. Uncover its value with Rating Agency 2.0™

Discover hidden opportunities and identify undervalued tranches to make confident investment decisions with maximum returns.

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Limited, overlapping, and restrictive data sets and criteria for traditional credit reporting result in inaccurate and rigid credit scores that label over 50% of Americans as less-than-ideal borrowers. Trust Science’s® unique and patented approach yields more valuable and highly predictive Six°Scores™ using its data trifecta of bureau, public, and proprietary data synthesized by its powerful AI/ML models.

A large BHPH auto dealer was challenged, in the midst of an uncertain COVID-19 credit market, with approving more borrowers for financing while keeping defaults steady. Despite rapid evolution in the credit market, over 65 million Americans remain excluded from traditional credit opportunities due to a lack of credit history or access to traditional financial services: roughly 1 in 5 people are credit invisibles out of the view of the traditional credit bureaus. Regardless, this BHPH auto dealer, like others, was able to sift “prime” borrowers out o


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