Trust Science® Receives 42nd Patent for Credit Bureau 2.0®

Aug 18, 2021 – Palo Alto, CA

www.Trust USA Inc., which offers the Credit Bureau 2.0® service as a leading provider of AI-Powered Credit Scoring, is proud to announce that it has been given an allowance for its 42nd patent in the world for its Credit Bureau 2.0® technology. This marks Trust Science’s first patent allowance in the emerging FinTech hotspot of Brazil and is a critical piece in filling out Trust Science’s global strategy.
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While conventional scoring systems lack flexibility, can reinforce discriminatory lending practices, and tends to exclude those that are systemically disadvantaged, Trust Science’s Credit Bureau 2.0 offers dynamic, compliant, and financially inclusive scoring using alternative data and AI technology. Trust Science remains committed to helping deserving Invisible Prime™ borrowers get access to the loans they deserve through its decision management system.

“We are sincerely appreciative of Brazil’s recognition that Credit Bureau 2.0® offers a solution backed by proprietary technology,” says Evan Chrapko, Founder and CEO of Trust Science, “and we look forward to being able to offer our services to even more lending leaders as part of a global push to make credit scoring more inclusive.”

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Trust Science® delivers its Credit Bureau 2.0® SaaS to lenders.  This award winning FinTech uncovers Invisible Prime™ borrowers, which allows lenders to give loans to deserving applicants who are wrongly scored by conventional means.  Financial Inclusion is achieved by accurately assessing systemically excluded, thin file, and so-called ‘no hit’ consumers.  Previously marginalized people now have an onramp into the modern economy, a multi-trillion dollar global opportunity.  Gartner® has cited Trust Science contributions re: Explainable AI research and Trust Science also prioritizes FCRA compliance and world-class Security & Scalability.  Importantly in these volatile and privacy-challenged times, this platform has productionized AI/ML and it also has direct-to-consumer Smart Consent™ technology for gathering consented/permissioned data from loan applicants.  ROIs of up to 200x have been enjoyed by lenders via this technology which is now protected by 48 patents (2 of which have been successfully used in an offensive capacity in the U.S.) and trademarks granted across 19 different countries, with another 40 patents still pending.  Led by a serial technology commercialization entrepreneur who has delivered >$1/2 Billion of gains to shareholders in his career, Trust Science is preparing to raise funds at the Series A/B level into one of the business world’s simplest cap tables.

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