How to Leverage Economic Volatility

Leverage Economic Volatility

The COVID-19 pandemic might be coming to an end, but the economic volatility and ongoing instability it created is just beginning. For the first time in decades, the American and Canadian economies have seen soaring inflation and record-setting central interest rate hikes. Since March 2022, the US Federal Reserve interest rate has climbed 225 basis […]

Automated Platforms: 5 Red Flags to Watch For

When it comes to automated lending and decision management systems, it is incredibly important to have a complete platform that is capable of answering almost every relevant lending question and adapting to your company’s needs. Here’s the top 5 red flags you need to watch out for and avoid when choosing your scoring solutions in […]

Harnessing the Reins of Powerful AI/ML Technology

Innovating Technology: Empowering Trust Science Solutions

Like a high-performance vehicle, automated scoring solutions are incredibly powerful engines that take you where you tell it to take you. Also like a high-performance vehicle, if you’re steering full-speed into a ditch, the machine will not know that and you will be virtually guaranteed to crash. In the lending industry, the end goal is […]

[COVID-19] Open Letter from Our CEO: We Want to Help Lenders

Dear lenders, The global COVID-19 health and economic crisis is changing hourly. We believe we can only get through this together and we want to try and help in small ways. Individuals and businesses are already feeling financial shortfalls. Lenders like you are going to need to make decisions about a growing number of individuals […]

Adopting AI for Credit and Lending Decisions: 4 Common Data Mistakes

Are you interested in adopting AI and machine learning to grow your lending? If so, the journey to realizing AI and machine learning for your credit and lending decisions essentially begins with data. Handling and preparing a massive amount of data for AI and machine learning can be uncharted territory for many. If you’re looking […]

The Role of Time Series in Loan Data Analysis

In the first two blogs of our four part blog series we covered structured and unstructured data in underwriting and the importance of ontologies, or agreements of what the data mean. This brings us to the next topic, time, and its impact when analyzing loan data. Time series modeling is a very popular and powerful way to […]

The Importance of Data Ontology in Big Data Loan Underwriting

This is the second blog of our four part blog series with topics pertaining to structured and unstructured data in big data loan underwriting. In our first blog of the series, we provided an overview of structured and unstructured data, its impact in data driven underwriting, and how to integrate unstructured data into machine learning […]

Structured and Unstructured Data in Data Driven Underwriting

Gartner estimates that 80% of enterprise data is comprised of unstructured data. Yet until tech advances afforded by machine learning, structured data has been the go-to for data analytics and models. The advances in computation power have afforded organizations the ability to analyze and incorporate unstructured data into their business decisions. One could even say, unstructured […]

Top 2020 Underwriting Data Trends

Are you ready for 2020? We believe in giving people the credit they deserve and arming lenders with credit decisioning tools and analytics that keep their business current. And to continue working on helping the credit underwriting market our CEO and CTO put together the top 5 underwriting data trends lenders need to consider for their business in 2020. […]

The Role of Protected Attributes in AI Fairness

Although there is high corporate demand to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is critical to provide fairness and mitigate bias when implementing AI and machine learning. In this post we’ll explore a few fundamentals to implement fair AI and ML practices for machine learning credit underwriting. The post can serve […]