Holiday Inflation_Food, Gifts, and Vacations Costing 13% More in 2022

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With the winter holiday season coming quickly, Americans and Canadians alike are beginning to lose sleep as they think about how they might pay for the most expensive time of the year. The holiday season comes with many expenses; gifts, family dinners, and vacations. But, many of these industries are leading inflationary trends amongst most […]

Lending Trends of the Past, Not the Future


The start of this decade has been one of the most financially erratic times in recent history; what some would call shocking. From stock prices to interest rates and extreme volatility, no one could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in today. These extraordinary market conditions have predictably caused behavioral changes in common consumers, […]

COVID-19 Has Revealed the Faults in Static Credit Scoring: Here’s How to Adapt

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The conventional way of credit scoring, using a static model and historical credit performance, has been operating for decades, dating back to the 1950s. Even today, conventional credit scores are used by many financial institutions to inform their lending decisions, known as a quantitative way to assess creditworthiness. However, the old methods tend to lack […]

Pulling Back the Curtain: An Exposé on Credit Scoring

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At face value, consumer credit scores, typically ranging in number from 300 to 850, are just that, three digits on a report that mean nothing to the untrained eye. To lenders, these three digits tend to be the holy grail of loan decisioning, giving insight into how likely a prospect is to repay a loan […]