Navigating Financial Uncertainty: Lessons from the SVB Collapse on Effective Risk Management

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The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has brought the importance of risk management to the forefront of the financial industry. As one of the largest lenders in the start-up ecosystem, SVB’s collapse highlights the importance of dynamic and robust risk management strategies in maintaining financial stability and, thus, the avoidance of similar disasters […]

Breaking the Silos: Connecting Underwriting and Marketing

Silos Break: Underwriting-Marketing Integration - Trust Science

Marketing professionals in any industry are inundated with segmentation variables and reports that enable them to develop optimized campaigns to drive results. Segmentation is critical for marketers to identify the leads that have the highest propensity to buy and craft offers that are targeted at each segment. However, conventional metrics available in most segmentation providers […]

Subconscious Bias: The Silent Exposure to Non-Compliance

Could your lending practices be biased, even if you take steps to ensure that your inputs and systems are not using any prohibited factors? The answer is yes. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Regulation B, even if you completely avoid all prohibited factors, your lending practice could be non-compliant if its outcomes […]