Direct Mail Case Study

Trust Science revolutionized direct mail campaigns, empowering a multi-state installment lender to transform their struggling channel into a primary acquisition powerhouse, boasting nearly 80% lower cost per funded loan (CPFL), over 25% larger average deal size, and more than a twofold increase in response rate.

Booking More Deals with Less Risk = Better Value for Your Campaigns

Trust Science partnered with a small-dollar multi-state
installment lender to execute targeted direct mail campaigns, converting a struggling channel into their primary customer acquisition channel.

By applying the Trust Science Six°Score™ and Propensity°Score™, the lender saw:

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Campaign Approach

Turnkey Setup

Trust Science offers a turnkey experience, handling your criteria, data, and mail providers to get everything set up and ready for your campaign.

As part of our services, Trust Science:

Data-Driven Execution

Leverage our proprietary Six°Score™ and Propensity°Score™ for a multi-data source, 360° view of risk and propensity for maximum conversion, backed by our team of experienced data scientists and consultants.

We’ll work with you to:

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Post-Campaign Reporting & Optimization

Get comprehensive, transparent campaign performance reporting and work with our team to optimize strategies and make improvements each campaign.

With Trust Science, you get:

Campaign Results

With breakthrough accuracy in both risk and propensity modeling, Trust Science allows you to target Invisible Prime™ borrowers that respond more and perform better for cheaper.

With superior analytics, Trust Science helped the lender vastly improve response rates and book larger loans on average. Furthermore, Trust Science enabled the lender to trust
direct marketing as a primary revenue generator, with over 70% of new loans booked through campaigns.

We closely mirror your risk strategy to ensure that mailed prospects are approved prospects, helping our lender get over 80% approval rates and 79.6% Lower CPFL. 

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Default Rate

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Trust Science
Reduces Defaults

Trust Science offers better risk-informed marketing. Measuring first payment defaults, Trust Science’s direct mail campaigns
beat walk-in customers, with an average FPD rate 14.47% lower than walk-ins, and a maximum of 23% lower in campaign 4.