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Campaign Performance

Trust Science has helped lenders:

● Reduce their average cost per funded loan by nearly 80%
● Increase their average loan amount by over 25%
● More than double their response rates
● Convert a struggling channel to become over 70% of new originations
● Reduce first payment default by an average of 14.5%

In other words, Trust Science books more deals with less risk at a lower cost.

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With Trust Science’s turnkey service, we’ll handle getting all of your criteria, data, and mail providers set up and ready for your first campaign.

Validate contracts
Validate mail/flyer
Mailhouse connection establishment
Setup preliminary filters

Execution 1


Leverage our proprietary SixScore™ and PropensityScore™ for a multi-data source, 360° view of risk and propensity for maximum conversion, backed by our team of data scientists and consultants.

Utilize SixScoreTM and PropensityScore™ for data analysis and 
risk assessment
Apply rules and finalize the selection of prospects through consulting
Mailhouse initiates the mailing process

Post campaign 1


Get comprehensive, transparent campaign performance reporting and work with our team to optimize strategies and make improvements each campaign.

Generate a comprehensive campaign performance report
Evaluate the campaign’s performance and identify opportunities 
 for optimization
Consider the feasibility of repeating the campaign based on the 
 evaluation and optimization results

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