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Matt S. Browning


Matt Browning is passionate about the enablement of financial services through technology, and how it can transform the experience, and success, of customers.  

Matt has spent much of his career in financial services.  Before Trust Science, Matt was CEO-in-Residence at an investment fund building a Banking-as-a-Service platform inside a bank charter to power fintechs and brands with financial products and services.  Prior to that, Matt was COO of Snap! Finance for seven years, a technology enabled POS alternative lender providing retailers with a secondary finance option to reach the 40% of consumers who don’t qualify for traditional credit.  Matt conceived, led and built all manner of products, functions and teams in support of serving millions of customers and their needs, and the company’s truly incredible growth, both domestically and internationally.  Some of the milestones included growing from an early startup stage to >1,000 people in 6 countries, launching multiple new products in the U.S. and a new business in the UK, and achieving ten-figure revenue, nine-figure EBITDA, >100X growth in equity value ($2B at the point of his self-designed friendly exit), and a minority sale to a major PE firm.  His greatest passion at Snap was the team and company culture.  


Prior to Snap, Matt led an Industrial Bank chartering effort, where the application process was never completed.  Matt’s testimony before the committee of House Oversight and Government Reform on the experience is a matter of public record, and he’s happy to discuss the deeper issues.  Matt also previously served as President of Target Bank for several years and through the financial crisis, and led innovations in prepaid cards and mobile payments, and achieved >50% ROEs.  


Matt has spent a couple decades in strategy, finance and operations, in his roles in general management, corporate strategy, consulting, turnaround work, and investment banking.  His career adventures span myriad companies from early stage to Fortune 100, and across a dozen industries.  


Matt has served in leadership roles of state and national banking trade associations and on the Boards of non-profit organizations.  He served for seven years as a Director on the Board of Altabank (NASDAQ: ALTA), which was subsequently sold to Glacier Bank (NASDAQ: GBCI) for a tremendous premium.  Matt holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a B.S. from University of Southern California, and he completed the ABA Graduate School of Banking program. 


In his free time Matt enjoys skiing, playing ice hockey, and a range of outdoor activities.  He’s also learning to keep bees and is a lifelong dog lover.