Alternative Data Credit Scoring Sources

What’s in a Custom Score? Discover the Broad Range of Data Sources Behind a Custom Credit Score. 


Trust Science pulls from tens of thousands of data sources and applies machine learning and Al to generate custom scores for lenders.

Loan Application Data

Trust Science uses the attributes and information available at the time of the loan application, complying with fair lending practices.

Banking Data

Trust Science enables access to consented borrower banking data. You can verify borrower details like income & employer.

Market Data

Trust Science uses relevant geographic and economic data based on your industry and geographical region. Our use of data is compliant with regulations.

Bureau Data

Trust Science can use your existing bureau data or provide available bureau data. We uphold all established agreements surrounding data compliance with the bureaus.

Employer and Job Data

Trust Science uses public data (social, bureau, loan application) and pairs it with existing public information for a particular job, e.g., skills required. Our use of data is compliant with regulations.

Public Data

Trust Science uses available public records such as court files. Our use of public records is compliant with fair lending regulations.