Our flagship underwriting score powered by artificial intelligence. Our machine learning models use traditional
data, alternative data, and Trust Science® proprietary data. 
Over 70 million North Americans are financially underserved, underbanked or credit invisible, making much of the population
difficult to accurately asses. 
We're here to help.
Transforming the Credit Industry

The Six°Score™ Difference

At Trust Science®, giving deserving people the chance at credit that they deserve is what we do best. Using our AI/ML platform, alternative data and decades of data science experience, we sift through millions of subprime applicants to find the hidden primes. Our models are geographically and industry specific to help you achieve your lending goals.

Help identify Invisible Prime™ applicants that are traditionally underbanked. Boost your lending with:

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Highly Predictive Scores

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Dynamic Scores

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Immediate AI Explainability

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Data-driven Underwriting


Explainable Scoring

At Trust Science®, we created a platform that is easy to understand and integrate, that’s why our Six°Score™ models provide credit scores in the traditional 300-850 range. Our scores are intuitive and feature a wide range of insights and ECOA compliant reason codes to ensure you and your customers understand exactly how a score was provided. Additionally, our scoring models can be customizable and adaptable to your specific credit scoring needs!

blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Explainable Scoring
blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Explainable Scoring
Data sources
Data sources

Superior Data

To build fully customizable machine learning models, Trust Science® uses a comprehensive set of data sources including:

  • Traditional credit bureau data
  • Alternative data
  • Proprietary data 

Six°Score™ helps you better understand a borrower's probability of default using an easy-to-integrate platform.


Recommended Loan Amounts

Optimize your strategy and risk tolerance with our Recommended Loan Amount (RLA) and Recommended Payment Amount (RPA) for payday and installment loans.

Trust Science's® RLA helps optimize the lifetime value of borrowers relative to the client’s risk tolerance and the risk of the borrower for payday and short-term installment loans.
The Recommended Payment Amount (RPA) is designed for mid to long installment loans that let you know how much an applicant can pay on a recurring basis allowing to optimize a loan amount. 
blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Recommended Loan Amounts
blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) Recommended Loan Amounts
Bell Curve Infographic - 22.01.24-2
Bell Curve Infographic - 22.01.24-2

Powerful, Dynamic Scoring Models

Trust Science® has the following standard models available for quick implementation that leverage our consortium database built on years of industry-specific expertise: 

  • Canadian Installment
  • American Installment
  • American Auto
  • Canadian Auto

In addition to the standard models, we are able to curate a model specific to your lending strategy and performance data. Go a step further, and have Trust Science® API enabled directly into your LOS/LMS workflow, significantly reducing manual entries. 

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Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

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