Support at Any End Every Step—From Lead-to-Loan™

Custom models, automated decisioning, and access to Trust Science proprietary data. Welcome to Credit Bureau 2.0™

The Trust Science Difference


Credit scoring you can count on, that integrates into your decision process

Reliable Predictions

Our models aren’t just based on your data. We also use aggregate market information plus Trust Science proprietary data.

Immediate Explainability

Get compliant and ranked explainability that is actionable for your consumers. They will know the causes for adverse action.

Performance Reporting

Compare how Trust Science scores stack up against historical performance. Adjust your lending to improve performance.

Your Workflow

We integrate into any step of your decision process. We are your path to automated decisioning.

Digital Transformation

You can digitize your entire process, from leads to lending. Plus, it offers consumers a front-end digital service.

Dynamic Scores

Our models evolve based on patented methods. Your scores can adapt over time as your business and industry change.

Credit Bureau +™

How Trust Science Works



Patented methods build the best models. Our models include the right variety of data, including Trust Science's proprietary data.



We’re your path to automated decisioning. Our online offering can minimize manual application review.



We tailor models with alternate data sets. Our models evolve, and our reports allow you to modify lending based on performance.

With Trust Science, you can finally take the guesswork out of lending so you can decrease defaults and increase originations. Plus, get a reliable way to score credit invisible or thin-file applicants.

We’ll build the models for you

We will build and maintain best-in-class models for you and adapt them over time as your business and borrowers change.

We enable an online service for your borrowers

We will reduce double data entry and manual application review with our online service.

We integrate seamlessly into your workflow so you predict reliably

We provide you with visual information so you can assess and share predictions and results.