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[COVID 19] Letter from the CEO

The global COVID-19 health and economic crisis is changing hourly. We believe we can only get through this together and we want to try and help in small ways.

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Automated Platforms: 5 Red Flags to Watch For

September 17, 2021
Here's the top 5 red flags you need to watch out for and avoid when choosing your scoring solutions in order to maximize your short- and long-term ROI:

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Subconscious Bias: The Silent Exposure to Non-Compliance

September 01, 2021
Did you know that you could face regulatory exposure even without using prohibited factors? Read more about how subconscious bias seeps into credit scores.

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COVID-19 Has Revealed the Faults in Static Credit Scoring: Here's How to Adapt

August 25, 2021
COVID-19 has destabilized our economy leading to highly unpredictable environment that is not conducive to static credit scores. Read more to learn why and how to adapt.

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Harnessing the Reins of Powerful AI/ML Technology

August 18, 2021
AI and ML technology are incredibly effective at optimizing for a specific outcome, but which outcomes should you select in the complex lending landscape?

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Pulling Back the Curtain: An Exposé on Credit Scoring

August 11, 2021
We delve into the significance of credit scores and expose how conventional credit scoring can be subconsciously biased against many applicants.

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Navigating the Scoring Landscape: AI is NOT One-Size-Fits-All

August 04, 2021
Lending is a complex industry full of interdependencies, meaning that AI solutions are NOT one-size-fits-all. Learn what 3 keys to look for in this post.

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Our Response to the OCC's Senate Testimony on Regulatory Priorities

August 03, 2021
Trust Science applauds the OCC's stance as stated in today's Senate testimony, especially on advancing financial inclusivity and digitalization.

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Are You Really Scoring for Ability to Pay and Risk in Today's Environment?

May 18, 2021
Learn how Auto lenders can block and tackle to lift performance and better gauge default probability through incorporating a Decision Management Suite.

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[COVID-19] Open Letter from Our CEO: We Want to Help Lenders

March 23, 2020
The global COVID-19 health and economic crisis is changing hourly. We believe we can only get through this together and we want to try and help in small ways.

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Adopting AI for Credit and Lending Decisions: 4 Common Data Mistakes

February 13, 2020
Incorporating artificial intelligence into credit and lending decisions can greatly increase originations. We outline 4 common mistakes hindering adoption.

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The Role of Time Series in Loan Data Analysis

February 06, 2020
Time series data plays a critical role in loan data analysis. We walk through examples of structured and unstructured time series data in credit scoring.

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The Importance of Data Ontology in Big Data Loan Underwriting

January 30, 2020
Ontologies are required in big data loan underwriting so that machine learning models can process and make sense of the data being fed to them.

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Structured and Unstructured Data in Data Driven Underwriting

January 23, 2020
An estimated 80% of enterprise data is comprised of unstructured data. Learn how unstructured and structured data play a role in data driven underwriting.

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Our Bet on Alternative Data for Credit Scoring

January 16, 2020
5 federal regulators recently issued a joint statement advocating the use of alternative data in credit scoring. We take a deep-dive into the implications.

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Top 2020 Underwriting Data Trends

January 09, 2020
Multiple alternate data sources and online marketplaces and auto decisioning as competitive drivers are 2 of the top 5 underwriting data trends for 2020.

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3 Sources of Unfair Credit Scores in Credit and Lending Decisions

December 26, 2019
Biased data, algorithms within models and lender business practices can all contribute to unfair scoring in credit and lending decisions. Learn how.

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The Role of Protected Attributes in AI Fairness

December 19, 2019
The consequences for companies implementing unfair AI & ML practices can be severe. Learn more about avoiding bias in machine learning credit underwriting.

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Automated Loan Underwriting: Trust Science Scoring Explained

December 12, 2019
Compare credit scoring performance results using Trust Science automated loan underwriting that utilizes social, mobile and other proprietary data.

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How to Build a Credit Scoring Model - Part 2

December 05, 2019
Build a comprehensive credit scoring model for applicants with no tradeline data. Use machine learning and incorporate social profiles, email data and more.

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